Sunday, September 9, 2012

As Seen on Pinterest - Ombre Nails

So I tried the ombre nails. Yep, I did something trendy. It worked ok. I followed this tutorial, and even used basically the same colors. I'm posting process pics to show how mine turned out, not because I did anything different than the tutorial in the link.

Starting with the base coat. I only did one coat. Maybe two would have been better.
 One tutorial said to use vaseline to keep the polish off your skin. I used some masking tape because it was handy. I tried without anything too, and it just takes longer to clean at the end.
 Here are my two polishes on the sponge. Some tutorials show you dipping into the paint on a plate, but that turned out terrible. Painting it directly on the sponge worked the best.
 I never could get that seamless ombre effect. The polish kept lifting off the fingernail if I messed with it too long.

 After a applying clear coat the bumpy look and texture goes away.
 My second color combo worked better:
 Toes! Yes, ew it's feet. But I kept staring at them for a couple of days because it turned out so cool!
So I guess it's kind of cool, but I need a little more practice. Has anyone else tried it?


Corinnea said...

Very interesting. I love the blue combo best. I never have nails long enough to try!

crafterhours said...

Aw, I love that you did Virginia Tech colors just for me! You totally didn't have to do that, but I really appreciate it! :)

Jessica said...

fun! I also like the blue one the best!

Shirley Ann said...

This is so beautiful! My girls and I are definitely going to try this.