Monday, August 27, 2012

First Day of School

We are now the proud parents of a High Schooler!
 (Mine is the one on the right, for those of you visiting my blog.)

I think her day was ok. She showed up at my office at lunch time to say "I'm in HIGH SCHOOL!" and get money for lunch, which she now doesn't have to consume in the cafeteria. 

And the boy started Third Grade. Our day started like this...
 This boy can whine better than any teenager girl. Ever. But he's mine and I love him. And by the time we reached school (we're walking now, remember) he was ok.

His teacher is one of the most popular in the school. I've been hearing about her for years, even before our kids went to school on the base, so I hope he'll have a great year!
 A military classroom would not be complete without a GIANT American flag on the wall. Right?

Our day ended like this:
Here's to an excellent school year!


Corinnea said...

Oh dear! They are so old and gorgeous and handsome! How quickly two years has gone.....

Tina said...

Wow, they are growing up way to fast. So what color is the girls hair these days, it looks blond- red to me. Maybe just the light. It does look good on her.

Jessica said...

They're so old now!!
Love the new hair.
And the happy photo of ethan!