Tuesday, March 27, 2012

OWOP Day 3

Rule #32: Enjoy the little things.

For the most part I can get everything I need in Germany and I don't miss shopping in the US at all. But for goodness sake... why does contact solution cost SO MUCH in Germany? Even at the commissary! Yeah for Target! 

Today's pants are, surprise surprise, Vogue 1051 in brown twill. This post could have also been called "Those pesky seam allowances." This pair of pants almost didn't make it. I seriously thought I had gained weight when I put these on and they didn't fit! But I couldn't figure out why my other pairs still fit just fine... Turns out I had been using a 3/8" seam allowances on all my previous pairs instead of the 5/8" the directions said. This time around when I followed the directions they were too small! I had to pick out as many leg seams as I could to make them wearable. It worked, but I don't think I'll be making that mistake again any time soon! I finished these just in time for them to make it on this trip with me.


Adrienne said...

I love Target. There is one only a few minutes from my house, and it's dangerous. So, so dangerous.

The pants look great, I'm glad you were able to save them!

Jennifer said...

I love the shopping here too Kelly and that we can get unique stuff but I miss American stuff like Target. No shame in missing shopping. It's what we grew up with! There are so many things I will miss from here when we move like the Tortelini ala panna packet I get. I will have to stock up before we go back the states. I love your enitre outfit. You look cute:) That sucks so much about the seam allowance. I have made so many stupid mistakes like that through the years. I'm an instruction skipper/skimmer and I like to do the littler thing first like pockets, collars, etc. and sometimes you aren't supposed to do those first! And I never learn. oh well. at least you could salvedge the pants:0

Anonymous said...

That picture is SO YOU!!! You always loved Target! I LOVE IT!!!!

Love you,

Can't wait to be in Washington,DC with you this week!

Corinnea said...

You are so darn cute! Doesn't everyone love Target?? Mine is 5 minute away. I try to stay away cause I always find something....
I have done silly things like your seam allowance faux pas tons of times. At least you had the patience to fix them and they look great!

Jessica said...

Well you have a lot of patience because I would have burned them... you think I am kidding... seam allowance make me soooo angry!

I am a total target junky I abhor walmart...seriously can't help myself.... but target makes me so happy!