Sunday, January 15, 2012

Weekend Update

I think this may be a record... I actually took down the Christmas tree BEFORE Valentine's Day! I love looking at the tree, so it always makes me sad to take it down. But since it's a live tree it needed to go back outside.

So I mentioned before that my New Year's goal was to FINISH projects. Well, I'm off to a good start! First off I did some mending for Rob and Ethan. Then I did some cleaning and organizing of the craft room. That led to pulling out these really old practice quilting pieces. I took Machine Quilting about 6 years ago and these were practice pieces. They were just squares in a box until I finished them yesterday and turned them into pillows.

These are faux trapunto. I looked for a website to link to to define trapunto, but I didn't really like what's out you'll just have to endure my explanation. Trapunto is a method of quilting where you have a raised puffy design that is surrounded by a compressed area created with tight stippling (curly quilting). In true trapunto after you do the quilting you would cut slits on the backside and add extra stuffing to the puffy sections. I didn't do that step, which is why I called it faux trapunto. 

I also hung a shelf that I had been putting off because it required climbing on the furniture. And I hung some wreaths that were stacked on top of the shelf, which aided in the cleaning and organizing. And I cut out the pieces for a striped shirt that ended up being a bit of a puzzle to cut out! Hoping to finish that today. It feels great to get things crossed off the list!


Adrienne said...

Those are gorgeous, Kelly! Hooray for finishing things!

Jessica said...

These are so pretty I've always like this style I like your explanation!

I have just finished purging every corner of my house... it feels amazing! now I just need to do some rearranging... ugh! good luck with yours!

Also I LOVE your background it is awesome!

Jennifer said...

holy cow! Those bring back some memories! Didi's class? I can still picture samples of those above the register in our old store. Yours look so beautiful. Perfect what you did with them too.