Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Happy New Year!

Is it too late to say Happy New Year? It is still January... and my Christmas tree is still decorated... so it must still be ok to say Happy New Year!

We stayed in and had a Chuck Marathon! We got season 4 for Christmas and watched it until Midnight. This didn't really please our teenage daughter who reeeeaally wanted to go somewhere cool... 
 Fireworks in our village. 

On New Year's Day the church service started late in the afternoon and included a little finger food fellowship afterwards. I loved that we started the first day of 2012 with the Lord's Supper and a baptism.

We also all put candles in the baptismal water. It was all in German, but I think it was to represent that God's power makes it possible for us to keep our "flame" alive even through troubled waters. 
Pretty beautiful way to ring in the new year.


Corinnea said...

Happy New Year!

I need to get back to Chuck... love that show....

Jennifer said...

We used to have Magnum marathons but we now own all 8 seasons. Same with South Park but we stopped because Emily liked the show too much:) So now it's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Seen it? Happy New Year (3 weeks late)!