Friday, July 15, 2011

More Sewing

This should be my last sewing post for a few days. I hope you're not bored!

I've been wanting to try my hand at a cowl neck shirt for awhile now (not the tube kind but the drapey kind) but I didn't have a pattern. I looked at some instructions online and figured I could do it without actually having to buy a pattern. So I took one of my t-shirts and drafted a pattern. First mistake was the t-shirt I picked. I should have tried it on first and seen that it wasn't as flattering now as it was when I was 20 pounds lighter! That's ok though because it looks GREAT on Haven!

I only had to shorten the shoulder seams for it to fit her. So you can imagine how snug it was on me! Oops! So I went back to the knit and tried widening it. But guess what - that makes a deeper cowl. Hmmm... maybe I do need a pattern.

Even though I shortened this one at the shoulders too I still had to wear a tank underneath. But I think it turned out fine.

And this is the hemline of the other bias skirt I made. I figured you didn't need to see the whole skirt again. For this one I added two bias strips to the bottom to make it look like layers. They are all un-hemmed so I get that nice frayed edge.

Haven has been spending some time with me at the craft store during her summer vacation and yesterday she started making these little Sculpey clay monster babies. Aren't they the cutest?! Don't you just want to take them home and cuddle them?!

Look at the eyes on that green one! I love it! And that red one has a party hat and a noise maker! He's for a friend of hers who has a birthday party this weekend.

And lastly, here's a lesson we want to share with all our friends. When there is a two hour stau (traffic jam) on the roads and you are trapped on base and decide to stay for dinner with your friends, be sure and look at the sky before deciding to eat out on the patio.

We got drenched! Everything was fine until the sky opened up and dumped a bucket of rain on our heads! It was still a fun way to spend an evening trapped with no where to go.


Jessica said...

Well your mess up looks awesome on Haven. Mom made me one of these... unfortunately for me a tank is always necessary. Love that you put little sleeves on yours!

Adrienne said...

Both shirts look great!! How did you do the cowl part? I have t-shirts I want to cut up!

Now you have a great picture, and a great memory from your soaking. :)

PS: Tell Haven to stand up straight. She's too pretty to slouch like that.

PPS: Oh man, did that make me sound like an old lady?

Corinnea said...

Yes Adrienne you sounded like and "old lady" dint worry I don't offend that easily....

Such cuteness Kelly! Love the tops I have to wear a tank too with the first one I made (yeas not brave I used a pattern) I know where to adjust now. I think.

Live your bias strips on your hem. I keep thinking maybe I should hem mine but I'll probably never get around to it!

Glad you guys had fun even though you were rained on. That is better than a stau any day!

Corinnea said...

P.S. I hate it when my phone makes me look like I can't spell.

Katelyn R. said...

We all know it's not your fone Corinnea. It's okay to admit you're just a bad spellar. I love the cowls Kelly, you and Haven both looked adorable! oh, and my head still hurts from that umbrella falling on me.

Adrienne said...

You're not an old lady, Corinnea. I was referring to contemporaries of my grandmothers. :)

Did I mention how freaking cute Haven's little sculptures are?

Corinnea said...

Thks fur selling me out katelin! Sry u got hit in the hed.

Oh Adrienne It's no problem, I konw I'm old! ha ha ha

Jennifer said...

i miss you all!! I love the shirt and the skirt and the little monster's!! What i wouldn't give to be with you guys;)