Monday, June 13, 2011


Over Memorial Day weekend Rob and I took a quick trip to Italy with some of my friends from work - Oliver, his wife Kelly, Martha, and her daughter Erin. Kelly is a wine aficionado and organized this amazing tour of nine vineyards. It was really cool visiting all these different vineyards. I was driving so I only sampled a couple of wines, but the view was incredible! We also had a day in Venice which was awesome! So here's a quick tour through photos of our weekend adventure.

The Food
(cuz you know that's what it's all about!)

The Friends

The Wine

The Views

There was a little scare when we arrived and I realized I had grabbed a portable DVD player instead of my camera bag!! Can you say depressed?! I had gotten there with the separate bag of lenses, so Rob and I discussed how God would provide us a camera body. The next morning Erin got out her camera, which was the same as mine, and graciously let me use it over the weekend!! We're in the process of getting all our photos loaded into a group on Flickr. So far I have mine and Martha's. You can see it here if you like.


Corinnea said...

What a fun time! So glad you guys got to go. Your pictures with your borrowed camera are lovely.

Jessica said...

FUN Now I am hungry!!

Adrienne said...

Beautiful photos! So cool that you all were able to pool your camera resources. :) I'm glad that you got to go, and had a good time!! Such fun!

Jennifer said...

I think I'm teh only person who doesn't go to other countries to smaple the food. Or who doesn't get excited about the food! I am so not interested and I think we all know why:) I am always happy to see others excited about trying new foods. My sister made me take photos of all the different weird stuff she ate in Scotland. Looks like you went with the fun people. I love Martha!