Friday, March 18, 2011

Tooth Monster

Did you catch Celebrate the Boy Month with Made and Made by Rae? It was awesome! So many fun ideas and tutorials! There was one that was so exciting that I made it right away!

The tooth monster pillow by The Long Thread. What a cuuuute idea! I didn't actually have the pattern in front of me when I made it, so mine doesn't really look much like the original, but I really like it. Ethan has only lost a few teeth so far, so this will get a lot of use. And he LOOOOVES it!!! He was so excited he even showed his drum teacher! How funny! The tooth monster gobbled up its first tooth on the day I made it. But Ethan is now 50/50 for turning in teeth to the tooth fairy. You might remember that he swallowed his first tooth. His fourth tooth is somewhere on the playground on base. Is this how it is with all boys?

Made and Made by Rae just posted some Celebrate the Boy roundups, so go check them out and see what you need for the little men in your life!


Anonymous said...
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Corinnea said...

What a handsome boy! I miss that face! Very cute tooth monster.

Jennifer said...

I wanted to make this too!! EMily is just about to loose her 1st tooth so this would be perfect. Ethan looks so cute Kelly!

Jessica said...

I LOVE this!!! Totally want to make micah one... of course he doesn't even have teeth yet! lol