Saturday, February 26, 2011


So this weekend is our annual inventory count at the store. Normally it takes about 20 people over three LONG days plus several hours of me doing paperwork before and after counting. Today 15 people counted the entire store in ONE DAY! We finally got a computerized scanning system and it made all the difference in the world! This may sound incredibly boring to everyone else... but our friends who have moved but still read my blog will totally get it! (and be jealous that we didn't get the scanners when THEY were here to count!) There's still followup paperwork to do and the store to put back together, so I'll still be un-crafty for a few more days.


Corinnea said...

Since I've been using a scanning system here, and see how easy it makes things (relatively speaking) I am sooooooo glad you guys have one now!

Hope the rest of the paper work goes quickly!

Adrienne said...

Oh man, that's awesome! And yes, I am super jealous! It was such a nightmare before, I'm really glad they finally got around to hooking you up with that scanner system. It's about time! Good luck with the rest of the paper work!

Jennifer said...

Why would Corinnea be using a scanning system? Does she work at Joanns now?? Hmmm??

oh I am so jealous! i'm not even going to say I'm happy for you. I think you all were waiting till I left to get those things. i bet you had them in the back, hidden, and would walk by them and giggle!

Ok, I'm happy for you:)

Margaret said...

Yay for scanners! I can only imagine what a difference that made!!!