Thursday, December 2, 2010

New Outfit

Shirt: Hilco pattern from the fall KnipMode
Skirt: McCall's free pattern (doesn't seem to be available anymore...) from the Grosgrain Frock by Friday
Boots: Dr. Martin's!!!! from Zappos

The KnipMode is a magazine produced by Hilco. I'm not sure how often they put it out, but I don't think it's more than 4 a year. It has several patterns and they are all printed on four pieces of paper. The lines are color coded, so it's not too hard to trace. Just in case you ever use the magazine, it does NOT include seam allowances. I learned this the hard way. The whole thing is of course in German, and it does not have diagrams in the instructions. It was challenging, to say the least. You really need to be an experienced clothing sewer to use these patterns. So this shirt took me ... a while. But the next time around I think it will go fast.

The skirt was from a sew along that I didn't really succeed in. I actually made the top part of the dress, but it was NOT flattering on me. So I used the skirt portion and just made it into a skirt. My favorite part is it has silk lined pockets!

I had to post about the boots. They are Dr. Martin's! I didn't know they made boots without the giant sole. They are really comfy and even fit OVER my jeans even though I have giant calves. They do have a very hard insole. so I wear fluffy socks if I'm going to be standing all day. I really like these boots and recommend them to anyone looking for brown boots with a heel this winter.

Haven took the pic. I tried to edit out the dining room behind me, but oh well. She was funny. She kept telling me to look "dramatic" and then she would tell me the pictures looked weird! Ha! She would act like a photographer, telling me to pose, and then she would listlessly snap the picture, like she was bored. Teens. But she really likes photography. I just hope she will one day take pictures of something other than herself for her facebook profile.... one day...

WinterFest tomorrow beginning at 4pm, then GLOBETROTTERS on Sunday! How exciting! Then maybe after this weekend I can rest a little. Oh, and Diko is doing a fashion exhibition this weekend! Anyone want to go? She left cards at the shop.

It's been snowing steadily, but it hasn't been too cold yet. Yet. But we've already had 2 hour delays for school twice. Of course that makes Haven happy!

I'm now completely addicted to the audiobooks. I'm listening to Book 3 of the Pendragon Cycle: Arthur.


corinnea said...

Very, Very cute!!Not sure I ever want to try and trace one of those patterns. ha ha. You make it sound easy but I've seen em...

The photo is just dramatic enough. :-)

Nice boots!

Don't overdo it with all the activities. mkay, don't overdo it more than you usually do which is more than you should. Stay warm!

Adrienne said...

Love the outfit!!! (Especially the shirt, love love that.) Love the boots! LOVE the attitude! It all goes perfectly together.

Have fun with that snow. :)

insanely crafty said...

cute outfit! I LOVE the boots! I really 'need' a pair of boots! Send snow our way!

Jennifer said...

ya, the ottobre ones are baaad. Not fun. But the end product is cute! I love these shirts kelly! Super cute on you:)

i LOVE the boots!! LOVE Doc Martins.