Wednesday, November 3, 2010


Has it been a month since my last post?! Oops.

Halloween was almost called off this year (for our family) since it fell on Sunday. But the Garrison was kind enough to move trick or treating to Saturday night, which meant all the activities were on Saturday. So we participated in the movie theater's costume contest and the trick or treating.

I decided a month or two back that I really wanted to be Lois Lane. I've been going through a mild 40's phase (very mild, nothing drastic) and I wanted to wear a skirt I had made recently. Rob was out of town (plus he has facial hair) so he couldn't be my Superman. Well, my little man came through for me! He really wanted to be Dan from Bakugan, but I spent so much time on Haven's costume that I didn't get his accomplished, plus I kept telling him no one would know who he was. So he finally agreed to be Superman, which by the way, this is the first year he could actually fit in this costume, so it was a good choice.

Getting him to take a decent picture with me was challenging. But here we are. Lois and Superman.

Ethan lost his first two teeth this month. Yes, I'm that far behind on communicating. Sorry.

Haven decided she wanted to be the Cheshire Cat. 

But an anime chic Cheshire Cat. Huh? Ok, so she designed this costume herself and shopped on Etsy for the ears. I found the striped knit at Hilco (so NOT cheap) and whipped this out.

The bag was actually an afterthought and I threw that together Saturday morning hurriedly before we had to leave. Haven WON the handmade category of the costume contest at the movie theater! Yay!!!!

Here she is with some of her friends she walked around with.

And I know you want a closeup of the bag, right? That's my favorite part! Made with Timtex, leftover knit from the dress, and felt pieces. It was the perfect size for her candy.

Oh, funny story. After I finished Haven's bag Ethan had a FIT. He HAD to have a bag too. I told him I didn't have any fabric for him. I actually looked through his clothes for a Superman t-shirt but couldn't find one. I think I gave it to Kara... we're really a Transformers, Spiderman, Star Wars kind of family..... But anyway... He INSISTED!!! He was pulling out the pieces of pink and purple stripe and demanding a bag! Hilarious! So I took a regular blue shopping bag, turned it inside out, and appliqued a Superman emblem on the front with felt. It turned out pretty cute! You can kind of see it here:

Every year the girls at the shop dress up and we take a group photo. But there aren't many of us left right now since people keep moving... We didn't accomplish a group photo this year, but here we all are. All four of us who dressed up that day.
  Left to right: Katelyn - Hippy; Josanna - Native American; Nikka - Girl with Fan; Me - Lois Lane

I thought I would throw in an explanation about Nikka's costume. When I realized I wouldn't have a Superman I decided I would be the Girl with the Pearl Earring, the Dutch painting. I was going to be that all the way up until Thursday. Well, Nikka went along with my painting theme and found Picasso's Girl with Fan. She followed through. I reverted back to Lois when I got my Superman. Oops. So here's the painting Nikka was inspired by:

Ok, I know this post is now way long. Sorry Mary. But one last thing. No Halloween would be complete without some reference to Star Wars. Not because they are related... just because that's how we roll. So here is my first ever pumpkin carving.

If you are like many of my friends wondering what the heck that is, fear not. It is the Death Star from Episode IV. That's the big space station that blew up Leia's planet and then Luke blows it up at the end of the movie. Ringing any bells? I'm working on educating my co-workers on the world of Star Wars. Well, not so much that as teaching them the difference between Star Wars and Star Trek. Eh hm.

This was not my idea though, so here's the credits.

On Sunday the AWANA program put on a Harvest Fest at the church. I have very few pics of that, but it was fun. Each room had a game with candy prizes. Nicely done.

Ok, that's about it. Hope you all had fun and safe weekends!


pearlswirl said...

Everything looks awesome! Congratulations on Haven's costume; she won for pulling off the look but YOU won for MAKING IT! and AHHH I miss all the girls at the shop soo much! Wish I could have been there with you guys all dressed up!

corinnea said...

Very cool! Love that you and Ethan were a pair. You look quite lovely in your costume. Haven's costume is pretty amazing and yes the purse is maybe my favorite part except that haven is just gorgeous!

I didn't dress up this year but we dressed Baby MAC up.....

All you girls look so cute in your costumes! Miss you!

I knew it was the death star!!!

Jennifer said...

ohhhh so much to see and read!! I love the costumes!!! Bravo on them all. I LOVE Haven's! So cool Hilco had what you needed. I love the pumpkin carving. Love the whole lois lane costume. You look SO pretty with your hair like that!!!

I'm happy to see the girls dress up at work:)

Jennifer said...
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insanely crafty said...

Love havens costume you did a fantastic job!!