Thursday, September 23, 2010

Unintentional Stay-cation

Why settle for a regular vacation when you can get really sick and be quarantined to your house for a week?!

For four days a rash has been moving across my face. Today I finally went into see the doctor and after three doctors I was diagnosed with shingles and am home bound for one week. Ok, doesn't that just sound disagreeable? I would much rather say I have adult chickenpox. After subjecting myself to some rather horrific images on google I can safely say that this is a mild case and I'm really grateful it's not as bad as it could be. But just in case the doctor wrote me a pass to go immediately to the hospital. Wow, that's comforting. I saw the eye doctor and he said the virus is not affecting my eye, which is really important. So I guess it's just uncomfortable. I am dangerous to people who have not had chicken pox, pregnant women, and people with low immune systems. So that's why I have to stay home.

Well, Rob says I'm an expert at finding the silver lining in any cloud, so here's my silver lining list:
1. I visited three doctors in three hours, all within walking distance of each other, and only had to pay 22 euros for the whole ordeal. Insurance covers the rest.
2. I get to spend every afternoon with Ethan.
3. A craft a day will keep the blues away!
4. I can catch up on house cleaning and laundry.
5. Some nice church members will bring us some meals so I don't have to worry about exposing people at the grocery store.
6. I can listen to the FREE audio books I downloaded from The complete works of Sherlock Holmes!

So... it's not all bad. 


corinnea said...

Oh holy cow! I have heard that ACP (adult chicken pox cause that is cooler than shingles) is VERY painful! I am so sorry but I'm very glad that you can find the silver lining in things.

Adrienne said...

It's actually really surprising to me that you have ACP; you are really, really young for it. I hope it stays mild and that it clears up quickly! Have fun crafting and spending time with Ethan. :)