Friday, August 20, 2010

Simple Solutions - Halter Tops

*Hanging photo frames by Katie Pertiet found here

Even though it's been almost a year since we moved in, I still don't feel quite comfortable in the new space. The apartment is great, it's just slightly smaller than the house we had, and I've had trouble organizing all my junk. We had to leave behind one BIG wardrobe, which means I now have all seasons of clothing in one space. I've been trying to thin my clothing, but I still have to get creative with the organization. I was having trouble with my (hand-made) halter tops since they won't go on a hanger. I had them in a drawer, but they were always wrinkled, and the drawer got too stuffed. I tried hanging them with the clip type hangers, but that takes up too much space on the rod. Then it occurred to me - trouser hanger! The hanger holds four halter tops with minimal folding and minimal wrinkling. If you live where I live you can pick up these cool trouser hangers at the PX.


corinnea said...

A great idea which I will be using. Thank you.

mary a. said...

I have the same hangers from the px. I never thought of using them for anything other than pants. Good idea! They really do save a lot of room.