Sunday, August 15, 2010

Freebird Skirt

* Taped Photo Collage by Katie Pertiet from here.

I was going to post more travel pics, but I finished this skirt last night and really wanted to show you! It's with the new Moda line "Freebird." Can you see the tiny bits of green in the print? It matches PERFECTLY to the new linen/cotton blend we got in recently. This one is Lime. When it arrived I might have curled my lip a little and asked why in the world we had lime linen. Of course my punishment for this lip curling was that I had to buy some! :)

So the skirt is not really from a pattern. I started with a basic a-line skirt pattern that I have and made it angle out more. I used a waistband from a German pattern, but I angled the sides too much, so it's REALLY tight. The tie required some thought. The back piece was easy. I just added it on to the side of the waistband. The front piece though was a little more difficult. I ended up sewing the tube then cutting into the front of the waistband and then sewing the pieces all together. I'm not very good at tutorials yet, so I imagine that doesn't make a lick of sense. Hopefully zooming in on the photo will give you an idea of the construction. Anyway, on the sides where the pieces meet under the tie I put in a hook and eye so that it would stay closed.

I wore the skirt today so I could say I wore it once and take pics, but it will be living on the mannequin at the store until I lose about 10 pounds. :)


Adrienne said...

OMG, I love it!!! And that lime linen blend is perfect for it. I've been eyeing it ever since it came in, but I have ao many other projects in my queue that I am making myself ignore it. Great skirt!!!

corinnea said...

Really, really, really cute!!!! And in case you don't get what I mean.... I love it!!!

insanely crafty said...

I LOVE THIS!!!! SO CUTE! It looks totally fantastic on you and I love the fabric you chose!!!

Jennifer said...

THIS.IS. AWESOME!!!!!! I want to make this NOW but i don't wear skirts anymore. I love this so much! It's the waist. It's just perfect. Bravo!! :)