Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Action Kivu

One day a missionary gave a presentation at church about his work in Zanzibar. Something really touched me about his project, I think because he was teaching the people a trade at the same time he was providing them with aide and teaching them the Bible. I was touched, but thought, well I can't fix cars (what they were teaching), I wonder if they need a seamstress. Today I saw a project on a blog called Action Kivu, which is about teaching women to sew! Hooray! If you want to know more about the program their website is here.

The girl who blogged about it is here. She is offering some giveaways if you tell her you donated. She's trying to raise $7500 for them through her blog. The money actually goes straight to the organization when you make a payment, but if you comment she can raise the amount on her little thermometer widget.

*I only know about the organization through blog surfing and don't have any personal experience with it.*

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