Friday, September 25, 2009

Camping in the Bodensee

I did mention this camping trip in a blog back in June, but never posted the after pictures. Rob and Haven went with the youth group down to the Bodensee (one of the main lakes in Germany) for a weekend camping trip. Ethan and I stayed behind. I'm not really into camping and Ethan had a birthday party to attend. I am sorry I missed Shana getting baptised in the lake though. That must have been really neat!
Today is Haven's birthday and we're having a sleepover. As soon as I have some time and internet connection again I will post pics. 12 today! Where did the time go?!?


corinnea said...

I really can't believe how old she is, even though she's older than her years sometimes...Glad she had fun.

lizy said...

Beautiful and fun LO...might have to, you know, scrap lift it :) Happy Happy Birthday to Haven :) Hope she has a wonderful birthday.

Adie said...

Happy birthday, Haven!!

I love the font that you use, you made it from your handwriting, right? You should include it in a kit!

Anonymous said...

Happy 12th Birthday, Haven!! You are such a beautiful young lady and we are very proud of you. Love always, Ace and Margaret M.