Thursday, August 27, 2009


1. I lost my Ipod touch today. WAAA!!!!!

2. Haven had her school orientation at RB Middle School. (I think that's where I lost my Ipod) She starts school on Monday. 6th grade... where did the years go?

3. I finally finished the big huge massive collossal report that has been driving me crazy for the last two weeks. Bound and in Mr. Holzinger's hand!

4. We probably found an apartment. It's in Magstadt and it's the perfect size for us. We have a second meeting with the landlord on Sunday. It comes with no realtor fees and it already has a cool kitchen. Our only compromises are we probably won't have a permanent guest room (it will have to be a multi-purpose room), and it's a bit farther than we had hoped to go. BUT it's not TOO far and it's managable. Haven is happy because it's still in the zone for the middle school she wants to go to. Some of my colleagues (Gwyn and Erick from Marketing) are excited because it's the same town they live in. Oh, and I may have to buy a new grill (poor me, I have to shop...). I don't know if they'll let me use my big charcoal grill on the balcony. We may have to buy a little gas grill. We'll see.

That about covers everything. Keep us in your thoughts!


Mary said...

Cool, that's where Eric and his dad lived. It's a nice little town, and it's not too far from everything. It sounds like you and Rob both got your way. Nice apartment, not to far away. Congrats!

corinnea said...

My favorite Italian ice place is in Magstadt!! Cafe Venizia. We'll have to meet there.

Sorry bout your Ipod.

Jennifer said...

did I ever ask if you had your home phone taped to the back of your IPOD or phone? If lost call.... Jon and i found about 3 phones over the last couple of years and had they had that number on the back I would have called. So we have 3 useless phones becasue the persons who lost them had them locked and no number to call:)

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on finding the new apartment!! Have fun with the move - that's the hardest part for me. Although, shopping for new things is really fun!! Haven's in the 6th Grade?! Wow - time sure has flown!!! Love, Margaret M.