Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Summer finally came!!!

And I couldn't be happier!!! And I'm going to work really hard to not complain about the heat when it gets really hot! :)

So I have some interesting news, but you have to tough it out and see my pictures first!

Here's Emanuel, Haven and Rob at the train station last Friday. They went camping at the Bodensee last weekend with the youth group.

Here's me thoroughly enjoying the sunshine and warm weather!
Ok, well you just get my feet this time...
I'll grill in any weather, but Monday evening was PERFECT! It was warm and sunny, and there was this lovely little breeze going....
I sat outside and ate way too many toasted marshmallows.
And I've been craving melons like crazy the last few weeks. I think I may be dehydrated. But the cantelope and watermelons this year are so yummy!
And I have a new weakness.... I've never really cared for cookies until I discovered these. It's chocolate chip, oatmeal raisin. Corinnea of course makes a killer version of these (did yours have chocolate chips? I can't remember) but it's so much easier to buy the little package of pre-formed cookies and just plop them on a cookie sheet!
Ok, as a reward for making it through my post you get to hear the interesting news! First of all, we leave for Switzerland on Friday for the International Baptist Convention annual retreat in Interlaken. Rob and I are running the audio/visual equipment for the main sessions. I will have only intermittent internet connectivity while there.
Second, I am going to be temporarily promoted for a little while to fill an open position in another division while they go through the process of hiring someone. I start tomorrow! Which begs the question why am I still on the computer..... The job could be very short, or until the end of September. And at the end I get to go back to my happy place at the Arts and Crafts. I'm looking foward to the challenge and my brain is already overstimulated at the thought of all the new things I'm going to learn.
Oh, AND we went to see the new Transformers movie the other night! I was giddy! They aren't profound or life changing in any way, just pure big cars, crashing robots, aliens built the pyramids FUN! I don't know what my thing is for transformers... maybe it's because I could never figure out the rubics cube, but transformers I can do! Haha! The next Harry Potter comes out this summer too! Yeah! Maybe I'll hold off on being an adult until after all the summer movie releases!
Happy Summer!


corinnea said...

So glad we are having some summer weather. Thought I'd die coming home to cold....
I leave the raisins out..blech... thank you, I think mine are killer too.
We miss you while you're at your new job.

Adie said...

Oh, Summer, how I have longed for you!!! I just can't get enough of this weather.

Have fun with your temp position!

insanely crafty said...

Good luck with your temp job hope you have fun with it!

Anonymous said...

Happy Summer and Congratulations on your new (temporary) promotion! I always love learning new things and am currently learning a new job, too, but no promotion while doing it for me. I think that's great!!! Have a wonderful, fun, childish summer!! Enjoy!!! Love, Margaret M.

Jenny P. said...

I love burnt marshmallows! no raisins. Oatmeal chocolate chip are good..