Saturday, April 4, 2009

Pimp my Pen Tablet

Everytime I go somewhere with my computer I carry my pen tablet with me and I was starting to worry that it would get damaged. So I wanted a little slip case for it. Since I have the Amy Butler scrapbooking bag to carry around the computer I wanted to make the little cover out of matching fabric. So I chose one of the dot fabrics from Bleeker Street.

With some coaching from JennyP, I ended up making it like an envelope. The tablet slips in the pouch and the flap folds over. I put felt on the front and the little flap has velcro.

I also put velcro on the back of the tablet and the little pen holder so they stick to the felt. On the inside of the pouch is a piece of bookboard, so it becomes a lap pad when I'm using it on the couch. I'm really proud of the little handle. It looks really cute!

While I was teaching Digi Scrapping today at the store my kids had homework. Their job was to make me a picture representing "spring" without using any writing instruments. This is the beginning of their project. Of course Haven would do a diorama! The danglies are birds, just in case you didn't figure it out. They need more supplies to finish it. They make me so proud!


Jenny P. said...

the tablet thingy came out really nice!! Good job!! And the diorama is really cool! sooo creative!

lizy said...

Your kids are soooo creative! They got it from their momma! :) The table case Genious! YOU GO GIRL :) 2 snaps