Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Catching Up

Since I have become obsessed with designing I've gotten behind on blogging and on my 365 Photo Project. I whipped out a few pages today, but March is going to be a pretty bare bones month for that project. I did make all the pages for the month with papers I made, so I feel pretty good about that. They aren't quite ready to share.

But here are some things, made by me and others, I do want to share:

A Thank You gift from Adrienne for her baby shower. She made one for all the attendees in their favorite colors. (Or at least I'm assuming she made them for everyone...)

An apron for Ethan from Jennifer. This is a great story in and of itself. Ethan is learning to cook and needed an apron, so I got him one Jennifer made with monkeys on it. But the monkeys scared him (so weird) so I had to take it back. Jennifer let Ethan pick out the fabric (she showed him pictures online of ones she had) and she made it just for him! It is SOOO cute! It's a little city with roads and cars all over it. Here is Ethan making dinner last night. I had to keep telling him to stop eating the maultaschen or there wouldn't be enough after it was cooked!
Sample ceramic eggs for the shop. I made the front one and Jennifer and Emily made the back two. I LOVE the one with the little dots! She used little stickers to keep from painting there.

A placemat for the kitty from Karie. This was also a custom order. I got to pick out the fabric and she coated it with vinyl so it's kitty proof.

I took home some papers to make a sample scrapbook page well over six months ago, but alas... I just can't do traditional scrapbooking. So I begged Lizy to make the pages for me. This is one of three she made. They are SO cute!!! They are hanging in the store as samples for that paper line.
And lastly, I never really blogged about my felt food. Everyone was making such adorable stuff that I really wanted an excuse to make it too. But my kids are too old for it. So I made it for Adrienne's baby shower! I made the breakfast set and then did a green version in honor of "Green Eggs and Ham."
Ok, I feel fairly caught up now!


Kelly's Korner said...

Is that "monkeys?" Cuz "monkies" just looked weird....... No comments about spelling!

corinnea said...

Since you asked.... monkeys is correct!

I love the apron on Ethan!

Well, and everything else and can't wait to see your pages with your own paper!

Mary said...

I love the new apron, he looks really cute in it. Nicolas can't get enough of maultaschen either right now. It's probably his favorite thing to eat. He even eats it with the zweible sauce.

lizy said...

Love the apron and Ethan looks like a master chef. Can't wait to see your creationssssss!!!! come on post them! :)

Adie said...

So far I've only made bracelets for you, Corinnea, Mary and Jennifer, but I'm planning to make some for everyone else too. Not all the designs are the same though. I'm glad you liked yours!

Anonymous said...

Hello. Just wanted to say hey, and thanks again for all your help. Cant believe how big the kids are getting,Omg!!! LOve, AShley