Friday, January 16, 2009

Zurich, Switzerland

So how many people can say that they just "popped over to Switzerland" for the day? There's a men's retreat in Lenk this weekend and Rob was picking up the speaker and crew from the airport, but the van had this TINY trunk space! So I followed Rob down to Zurich in my car. Good thing too because we filled the van and my car with all the luggage.

So we hung out in Zurich for a few hours before we went on down to Lenk.

This is a statue of Ulrich Zwingli. He was part of the Swiss reformation.

This was the big cathedral, aptly named the Gross Muenster.
This tree is so cool. It's all metal with these fun balls. They were lining the river walk.
This was funny. I just wanted a picture of Ethan in front of the cathedral and he wanted to play cover model!
After we dropped off the luggage and the people Rob drove me back to Stuttgart. We got back around 1:30 am this morning. He rode BACK to Lenk this morning with another car full of guys going to the retreat. It was really cool spending the afternoon there in Zurich, and the people we were with were really nice. It was fun introducing some fellow Texans to Europe! :)


lizy said...

Kelly, great pictures... Aren't we lucky that we can travel to different countries in a matter of an hour or two. We are Blessed to be able to enjoy these european vacations. By the way Ethan's picture is adorable!

corinnea said...

Hey!!! How fun! I second Lizy. We are blessed to live here. Thank goodness most of us realize it!!!! I was just telling my son how lucky we are!