Thursday, December 4, 2008

Why does banking have to be so hard?

Our nice, friendly, neighborhood bank got bought out by Citibank a few years ago. You know the one. They just filed for bankrupcy or something, got bailed out by the government, and now the CEO is working for $1/year until they can recover. Hmph. So here's been my experience the last few days:

1 Dec: Discover my debit card has expired and a new one has not arrived. Not only that but I can't access my account online because it wants the new card's information.

2 Dec: Still no card, go through all the mail to make sure it hasn't been overlooked. Call the bank. They SAY they sent one with my DH's name on it, and they'll go ahead and send me one with my name on it too. (I've never bothered to have one in my own name...)

3 Dec: My card arrives. Rob's still not here. My card is only an ATM card. Not good for anything except withdrawing money from an ATM. Not only that but the PIN number comes separately a few days later. STILL can't get onto my online banking because I have to put in the freakin PIN number to activate it. Phone operator says I CAN'T have a MasterCard Debit Card because I'm overseas. BS. She'll be sending me a nice letter that will explain the procedure for requesting a MasterCard when you're overseas. OH, and the best part. The card they sent out in Rob's name was RETURNED by the US Postal Service and was destroyed by Citibank. But they can't send out a new card because Rob has to call himself. Where's Rob? Already asleep!

4 Dec: Four days with no access to my freakin money and very irritated.

Conclusion: will be promptly switching my entire paycheck to be deposited into the local army bank account and will use the Citibank account for backup only. This is ridiculous. Boy do I miss my nice little neighborhood bank.


alittlequilty said...

Augh! What a pain in the butt!

corinnea said...

Holy Cow!! I am soooo sorry!

Adie said...

Fun times, huh?? Gotta love it. NOT! I'm sorry you're having such a hard time with it, I hope it all works out soon.