Sunday, December 28, 2008

Some fun projects

I've been working on a set of dishes for the house since September. They will be a set of 12 dinner plates, salad plates, cereal bowls, desert bowls, and sauce dishes. Right now I've finished the desert bowls (square) and the little sauce dishes. I just finished this large serving bowl and I'm really pleased with how it turned out. I wanted to write in Chinese something poetic like "Give thanks to God, for He is good..." or something like that. When I asked our Chinese friends they said I should just use these four characters: 謝謝上帝 and it means "Thanks God." I really like how it turned out.

I'm still having fun with the crochet. I downloaded this scarf/neckwarmer pattern from here and made this:

Then I was inspired by these wrist cuffs and made these:

The ones on Etsy are simply fantastic and mine aren't that good yet. But these look super cute on Haven and she likes them a lot. I'm still working on the design to make them more chic. I had fun editing the photos too.
Rob asked me today why I don't do something creative in my spare time. That's his "man" way of saying he thinks what I've made is cool! :)


corinnea said...

Everything looks so good!!! Love your new crochet projects, very nice!!!! Good editing on the photos too.

Adie said...

I LOVE the neckwarmer!! That is a fantastic picture of you, and it looks really great with that blue pearl necklace. Awesome!!

Jenny P. said...

Love everything!! The picture is really good of you:) this all makes me want to crochet..

Jenny P. said...

oh, most of all I love the pottery!! This is crate and barrel looking! Just beautiful.

TheBlackForrist said...

wow Kelly, the bowls are beautiful! and the neckie is very cute! I might have to try out that pattern! I agree that the picture of you is also great... you rule!

lizy said...

The bowls came out awesome and love the neck warmer. You are so darn creative :) Is there anything that you can't do?... :)