Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Christmas Gift Exchange

We had our annual Christmas lunch and gift exchange with our staff yesterday at the King's Palace (Chinese Restaurant). A lot of people couldn't make it, which was a bummer, but those of us who made it had a lot of fun together. Of course I forgot to take pictures of us there!

But here's some pics of the gifts from my secret santa, Kara.

First was this darling little cosmetic bag that she made out of the Heather Bailey fabric. Sorry, I don't know the name of the line (someone will comment with the name, I'm sure). But I love this line!
I already filled it with stuff from my purse! :) Isn't the lining pretty!
Inside the bag was another gift (even though the bag was enough by itself!)
These lovely little purple dangly earrings that she also made.
I can't believe it... I don't own a purple shirt. But that's about to change! The Urban Couture fabric arrived last week. It's a compilation project by Moda and Basic Grey and it is scrumptious! I bought three yards of this yummy purple piece today and it will promptly become a blouse!
I'm planning to try a collar and those cool finished sleeves with the slit in the cuff. I don't know what that's called either. Of course I have no pattern, so I'll be laying a shirt I own out on tissue paper to make a pattern. How long do you think it will take me to get to it? Well, the fabric is in the washing machine right now... but don't hold your breath!


TheBlackForrist said...

=D I'm so happy you photographed these, and even more happy that you like them!!! Yay!

pearlswirl said...

Everything is so pretty! Well done Kara.

And OMG. That fabric. I priced, dated, unwrapped, folded, and generally drooled over it all day at work today. Must get me some of that.

Good luck with the shirt. You obviously have supreme skill (or just confidence haha!) if you can make a pattern out of an existing shirt. I wanna see it when it's done!

Kelly's Korner said...

Kara, thank you again! I really do like them both, and I love that you made them! You keep surprising me with what you know how to do! ;)

Jenny.... ok... I don't know that I have either confidence or supreme skill. I think I may just be dumb. I have made SEVERAL skirts without patterns that were successful, but only one shirt. The one shirt was a disaster. I'm hoping this one goes better...

pearlswirl said...

Well, I have confidence in you. :)

By the way, that pic of Ethan in the post before is just too funny.

corinnea said...

Kara did a great job. We have such talented people! Nice too! So is the shirt done yet?

Adie said...

WAH!!! I wish I could have gone to the lunch on Monday, but you know. Stuff happens.

Your gifts are amazing, everyone is so talented! I'm interested to see your shirt when it's done, I'm sure it will be amazing. ^_^