Saturday, November 1, 2008

Conversations with Kids

So it snowed Wednesday morning. I'm so not ready for cold weather. Ethan woke up and saw the snow and was SO excited! He came running in saying "Let's go skiing!!!!" Skiing??? How does he know about skiing??? I told him he'd have to go talk to daddy cause momma doesn't ski! Then he told me "Come on... you just put your feet in the skis like this and go!" Saying this as he mimics putting his feet on skis and crouching down. He is unbelievable.

Then today Haven made me laugh so hard. Many of you know the ongoing saga with my car and my husband's hospitalization. So I JUST got the car out of the shop on Thursday and Fri morning and tonight it was STILL dying. Haven said why would they give us the car back when it wasn't fixed? I said it was because they just couldn't figure out what was wrong. And she said, "Oh, so the mechanics are kind of like Daddy's doctors?" HAHAHAHAHA!!! So I'm praying for a car that runs and my husband to be well!!!

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Anonymous said...

When are you going to take skiing lessons? Have fun!! Hope all things work out well for you guys. Love, Margaret M.