Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Why you shouldn't blog when you're angry...

Is every day going to be like this????!!!!!???? Haven JUST finished her homework. It's 10:30 pm!!! So it went down like this:
2:30 Haven's out of school
Sits down in my office to do homework.
Needs help on everything.
6:00 leave work. Had to stay late because we're doing end of month paperwork.
Trip to grocery store because we're out of everything.
7:00 home. Cook dinner for the starving masses living in my house. Haven working on homework.
8:30 Ethan to bed, finally some peace.
9:00 Rob home, tag team homework help.
10:30 finally finished.
Absolutely ridiculous. Plus I had to help her spell every word because the English language is so hideous! At one point we both shouted how stupid English is and I told Haven we should go back to German school! ARGH!

I suppose all of you who have been in the American system with your kids all this time probably are laughing at my anguish. But I have been spoiled for the last six years with German school! Out at 12:30, after school care till 3:00, NO homework in the afternoons because it's all done in the after school program! But even still, she's never had THIS much homework! If she went to SAS after school she'd spend the whole three hours doing nothing but homework!

Ok, I think I've ranted enough to cool off. If tomorrow is like this again I'm going to have a tantrum and be one of "those" parents...


corinnea said...

It'll get better and she will be a true international person when she grows up.

Adie said...

It will get better. I had a horrific time with spelling too, and I spent my entire childhood in the American school system, reading nothing but English! It is dumb, but she is clever and will catch on. Oh, and you might as well resign yourself to lots of homework...it isn't going to go away, and in fact, it will just get worse. :(

Jenny P. said...

stuff we take for granted. Never thought about her having trouble with that. Makes me wonder if we shoudl put EMily in a german school..

Anonymous said...

Haven will catch on and do well. The 'learning curve' is a bear, but it will get better. Transitions are always difficult. Hang in there! She (and you) will do fine!! Love, Margaret M.