Saturday, August 2, 2008

More For Friends

Today I learned an AWESOME worship song called "My Savior, My God." Well, I didn't learn it today, but I practiced with the band for the first time today. We're singing it tomorrow. It's SO pretty! It was written in 1873, but the music was lost through time. So this guy, Aaron Shust wrote new music for it. It's so beautiful.

Then I printed the quilt blocks for Lizy's photo quilt. I hope she likes them! I grunged up the borders of the pictures a little, but not too much. I printed them at home since our big printer at work is out of ink, and she was having trouble with her own printer.

Then I made THIS for Jennifer. She sent me some pics of Halloween costumes and this one inspired me first.

I just wish I had pictures of Haven in a fairy costume. I found ONE. But it wasn't nearly as cool as these. Haven always dressed up as princesses.
Then I realized I had some cute pictures of MY kids to use in the shades layout. That's the great thing about digital scrapbooking... I just deleted Emily and Ava and put in Haven and Ethan! Voila!


Kelly's Korner said...

Just want you all to know it's ok if you think Jennifer's kids look better in the layout than mine do. I think so too! But you gotta love Batman with shades! :)

Jenny P. said...

awww thanks Kelly! The pics of your kids are perfect for the layout. I love the fairy one. Sooo cute!

thorngren said...

I think you need to start entering these in contests. They are really really good!