Tuesday, August 26, 2008

First Days of School

Haven had her first day of American school with much success. We were only one minute late because of traffic and we found her room easily. The homeroom teacher is someone I have had in pottery class, and there are two other moms that I already know. There is only one girl in Haven's class who she knows, which means she will be making new friends! And it means her good friends are separated and she can't get into trouble! Hehe!

She talked a lot about the day. Lunch was good. Music was good. Recess was good. The teacher is good. She couldn't stop talking! She was still talking to me about her first day when she got on the bus this morning. Which, by the way, is a van.

It picks her up at the bus stop by our house. You may wonder why she rides the "bus" when we live so close to Patch. Well, yesterday it took us 30 minutes to get from our house to school. I would rather NOT do that every day. Since the bus goes right by our house, it's better (and she'll be more punctual) if they pick her up. So, Haven's response to the first day? "It was awesome!"


corinnea said...

Hooray!! It will be fun to see her after school. I loved the excitment bursting out of her yesterday!

Adie said...

I'm glad that she is liking American school. I hope that her enthusiasm lasts!!

Jenny P. said...

awww..the 1st days of school..I remember wanting to sleep in my new clothes so when I woke up for the 1st day I'd be ready!I'm too uptight for new stuff like that. Always have been:) Like Adrienne, I have to stop watching a movie if it's too intense. It's like that with new things; new places, new people, getting to the airport, 1st day of this or that, blah blah. back to Haven..glad she had a good 1st day and is so happy about it:)

mary said...

I'm so happy her first day of school went so well. Just thinking of mine makes my stomach hurt and I feel nervous all over again. Tell haven that I got to ride a van to school to and I had the same music, art, and gym teacher as her. I'm sure she'll make lots of friends really fast, military kids are always so open to making new friends.