Sunday, July 27, 2008

A new Addition

It's just been a week of "new!" When Haven went to get her hair cut she somehow ended up getting a cat! I'm still not exactly sure how it happened... She went with the hairdresser Friday afternoon to pick out which kitten she wanted and brought her home. No name yet. The kids keep calling her "Squeakers." After the Batman movie Emanuel wants to call her "Two Face." I don't THINK so! I'll probably just call her "kitty."


corinnea said...

Squeaker Kitty? Squitty? Very cute! Can't wait to see the newest addition!

alittlequilty said...

Very Cute! I think the name, Squeakers, is perfect!

Jenny P. said...

I like human names (I have a Frank and had a Darla and Alfalfa) or Concubine names (I have a Pig Blossom, AKA Piggy). Please tell Haven I have another kitty for her (Frank) he's maybe 4? I can't remember. All black except for a few white chest hairs (I counted 9 once). He hasn't let Piggy out from under our bed since 2004. Poor baby:(