Friday, July 25, 2008

Lean mean grillin machine

It just makes me happy!
Since Daddy wouldn't let me ship the BIG GRANDDADDY barrell pit to Germany, I had to settle for a little baby one. Notice handy table area on the front side and sidecar pit on the left. I cooked for 30 people tonight on this bad boy! It may seem small to some of you with huge monster gas grills... but I'm still hardcore charcoal. (Well actually I would cook on wood if I could, but I have to settle for charcoal.) So as far as charcoal pits go... this is my dream pit. Well, until I have a place for the Granddaddy barrell pit (and I have the strength to lift the lid.)
Oh, and props to my man who spent five hours yesterday putting it together! He was rewarded tonight with wurst (sausage) and shish kabobs!


Jenny Bean said...

We are still hardcore charcoal bbq people too and don't even own a gas grill. There is no substitute and I don't care about which is easier. Even though I don't eat meat, veggies taste best on a charcoal grill too.

Kelly's Korner said...

What d'you mean you don eat no meat?!? That's ok. I cook lamb! (My Big Fat Greek Wedding) HEHE!

Jenny Bean said...

I LOVE that movie. Funny thing is that people say a version of that to me all the time. Oh, you don't eat meat? I'll make fish. WHAT?

lizy said...

it's definitely a "big boy"! and the rewards sounds yummy to my tummy!!! You are very brave cooking for all those people. I would be overwhelmed