Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Can Superheros enjoy Paragliding?

I posted this about a week ago, but I got the page finished today that goes with the story. So you get to enjoy it again. :)

Ethan with a paper airplane.

Ethan: It's like paragliding! (This is all he talks about right now...)
Me: Why don't you get one of your men to ride it?
Ethan: No...
Me: What about Superman?
Ethan: No, he doesn't need to paraglide. He can fly with his cape.
Me: What about Spiderman?
Ethan: No, he can use his web.
Me: Ironman?
Ethan: No, he can fly with the fire in his hands. (How does he know that? He hasn't even seen the movie! That's the power of BurgerKing toys, my friends.)
Me: Batman?
Ethan: No... he can fly with... he can fly with that thing. (The bat-copter, I'm assuming.)
Me: Is there any superhero who can paraglide?
Ethan: No...

And he returns to flying the paper airplane around the house!


corinnea said...

You make me wish I HAD scrapbooked when the kids were small to record stuff like this! I like it.

thorngren said...

Some day he will look back on that and deny that he said any of it. What a great idea to scrapbook their childhood. You do it so well!