Saturday, June 21, 2008

Germany Won

Here's what I know about soccer:
  1. Kick the ball into the other guy's net.
  2. Don't touch it with your hands. (unless you're the one wearing the Mickey Mouse gloves)
  3. Don't get that thing they call "offsides."
  4. Don't pretend to be hurt when you aren't. You look like a wuss.

But seriously... it's kinda fun to be in Germany right now. The German team is going to the semi-finals (this is the European Championship) for the first time since 1996. (Which I didn't just happen to know that... I read it when I was looking up the picture above.) Anyway, I knew Germany had won last night (they beat Portugal) when the entire Hauptstrasse was flooded with cars honking and people setting off firecrackers. Everyone is waving a German flag out their car windows. It's pretty fun.

Tonight Turkey played and won against Croatia... so another night of horns honking and people cheering in the street. We cheer for them just as much as Germany since so many of our neighbors and some of our church members are from Turkey. Oh, just realized the next game is Turkey vs. Germany...

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