Tuesday, June 3, 2008

The Birthday that Never Got Blogged

*Update: My dad sent me pictures from Joe's Crab Shack. Click here to see me as an irritated seagull. :)

I worked really hard today and almost finished the Recreation Program Awards packet. Whew! Just a few numbers to look up and a synopsis to write and it will be done! So I thought I would blog about my b-day that was on 20 May. Sadly, it was my last birthday ever. That's right, I turned the big 2-9.

We were down on the Island with my family on the day of my birthday. Since it was my last birthday, and I am officially an adult now, I did what any reasonable minded adult would do. I blew some money on an expensive name-brand purse! Check it out here. It makes me giddy! I ordered it online and had it delivered to the condo. Then we went to Corpus Christi for the day. Daddy bought me a new "grown-up" MP3 player and then we had lunch at Joe's Crab Shack. They made me act like a seagull. I think my mom has pics. I didn't even get free desert! But it was still awesome seafood! Yes, even being on the island, Joe's is still an excellent choice. That's saying a lot for a franchise. Then it was a trip to JoAnn's fabric and a stop over at Krispy Kreme donuts! The last fling of the night was a midnight run to WalMart to pick up the Wii Fit. (They went on sale at 12:01 May 21st.)
Celebrating with my family was way cool. I think the last time I celebrated my birthday with them was in 2004. But I totally missed Rob. :( That's why getting his poem was so awesome!
When I got back to Germany I had a little box waiting for me on my desk. Adie gave me one of her special jewelry creations! This one is gorgeous! I want to wear green every day so I can wear it! It's green pearls, green bicone Swarovski crystals and little gold spacer beads. It's SO pretty! So here's a picture. You should be able to click to enlarge it. Thanks everyone for a fun b-day! Next year (29 part II) we'll all go out for Greek. Yum!


thorngren said...

irritated seagull-love it!
great bag too! I lived in Corpus once.Have you eaten at Snoopy's

Margaret said...

So I'm not the only one celebrating my last birthday:) Brandon
(who is already over the hill - 31)keeps reminding me that I
will be next. But, I refuse!! I will be in my twenties forever, even when I am wrinkled and gray!!!!

Kelly's Korner said...

I've never heard of Snoopy's but we ate at this really great place called Moby Dick's. We made fun of them because they had a big shark out front! We were like, didn't they read the book? But they did have a whale as their logo! :)