Sunday, May 4, 2008

Blog Blues

I've just been too busy to say anything interesting. So here's a picture of Ethan with a righteous black eye. I'm not sure exactly what happened but it involved the kindergarten and a stick. I'm sure Ethan was not the innocent victim.

Here's Haven with her new glasses. Aren't they great on her?

The Thomas Kinkade puzzle from you-know-where that has lived on our living room table for the last two weeks.

I probably won't have time to blog until after the Arts Show, so you'll have to look at my dark, out of focus pictures for a couple of days!


corinnea said...

Poor Ethan! He looks quite happy with his black eye.... Haven always looks so cute. Wish I could do jigsaws again..... that Evie.

Jenny P. said...

I will happily look at pictures of your kids:)

alittlequilty said...

Very cool black eye! That is a required thing to have had in order to grow up, maybe even more than once! Haven's glasses are really pretty.