Wednesday, April 30, 2008

I've been busy, ok!

Seriously... insanely busy. So we're getting ready for the Art exhibit, I'm STILL working on budgets (my meeting got postponed), I have to do my packet for the Recreation Program Awards (we won BEST in the WHOLE ARMY last year) and get ready to go on vacation! Whew! In my copious free time I have managed to make a tunic, a formal dress for the art show, and a new mug (below). I will put picutres up of the other projects if I ever have time to take pictures of them!

Oh, and here's pictures of my new Ikea furnished living room.

And here's the pillow covers I made out of our new black and white minky fabric. So soft!


corinnea said...

Nice!! I love the furniture. I am already sore from moving all that stuff for the art show!

Mary said...

The living room looks great! It's going to feel so good when you finally sit down on that air plane.

Jenny P. said...

I can't supersize them!