Sunday, April 20, 2008

I Love My Kids!

So Haven has been writing the most amazing songs and poetry for the last few months. She started singing when she was about three and we called it Opera because she sang instead of speaking. So it would be "I'm playing with Barbies..." in a sing-song voice. Now it's full blown songs, with music. (Of course not written out yet.) So I got her a voice recorder so we could capture them. Now it's stories. She entered the writing contest at the library with a story she wrote about some witches and an orphanage. It was really good. Here's one of her poems she wrote for school. They've been writing short forms of a rondel.
Rondel 3 (English Translation)
I hear music.
I love music.
The band is called the Beatles.
I love music.
The Beatles rock!
They sing "Yellow Submarine."
This song is cool!
I love music.

My favorites are at school. I'll post them if she ever brings them home. Wait, she thinks she can dictate one to me:

The Stars
I'm looking out my window.
I see the stars.
The stars form a picture.
I see the stars.
They form a ballerina.
They could also form a bear.
Or they could form a space ship!
I see the stars.

And since one artistic kid wasn't enough, we went and had another one. Ethan has shown creativity for the last few months as he turns anything he touches into a gun or a lightsaber. (Of course every boy does that!) But now his creativity has crossed over into music as well. This morning he was singing his own "opera." Here it is, his poetic debut:

I've been dreaming of you.
I've been dreaming of a lightsaber.
I've been dreaming of a lightsaber.
I've been dreaming of a lightsaber that is blue and I have a beard.
I've been dreaming of you.
I've been dreaming, I've been dreaming, I've been dreaming of you.

NO JOKE! Haven wrote it down while he was singing! Ok, so I can't be outdone by my kids. So here's my rondeau for the night.

I Love My Kids

I love my kids and all they’ll be.
In them, a reflection of me.
Their laughs and smiles, their lips and eyes,
Their shouts and fights, their pouts and cries,
Like a mirror, they look like me.

The world can sometimes burden me
With lies and crime and enemies.
I fear what in the future lies.
I love my kids.

For these two children God’s plan will be
More sure than any plan from me.
I know he hears my aches and sighs,
And will my children love and guide.
His love and grace poured out on these;
I love my kids!


corinnea said...

Very lovely! How could they not be talented!

Jenny P. said...

I love your poem and i hate poetry! I know, it's not cool to admit you hate poetry but I do:)good job mom!

rjsarles said...

Hey! I don't want to be left out...

She is my song. Enchanting ayre
which steals my heart with ev'ry care.
No one can see nor understand;
Like Warhol painted in the sand,
this muse has found me unaware.

As soothing chords resolve despair,
placid notes flow. From a veiled stand
comes endless hues- a concert grand.
She is my song.

The rhythm dances. Like a prayer
the shadows fade when she is there.
The symphony rests in her hand;
safe from the Last of life's demand-
safe, for the lyrics we will share.
She is my song.