Thursday, April 3, 2008

Haven's Big Test

As you all know, Haven is in the German school. And in their system they separate the kids into "tracts" depending on their competency level and their aptitude for schooling. Unfortunately, they decide this oh so important information in the FOURTH GRADE! There are three tracts the kids could go into: Hauptschule, Realschule, and Gymnasium. (That's not a fitness studio.) Anyway, Haven's extremely-prejudice-against-foreigners teacher decided she was only good enough for the bottom tract. We thought differently.

And so our battle began with the teacher. After we thought and prayed about it a lot we decided maybe we should switch Haven to the American school on base. But that of course would have it's difficulties as well. We went ahead and allowed Haven to take a test to try to get her into a higher tract in the German school. She took the test today and the proctor said she did really well. We'll find out their recommendation on 14 Apr. Registration for American school is on 15 Apr. I call that perfect timing.

So, if the test says she can go to Realschule we'll do that. If they say she has to go to Hauptschule, then we'll take her out alltogether and put her in the American system. Either way, the next school year is going to be extremely important, and extremely difficult for our baby girl. So keep her in your prayers!