Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Gotta love Ikea...

Ok, so since Rob is in the hospital I'm trying to do all these things to surprise him when he comes home. (hence the fish tank blog) So one of the things I wanted to do is replace all the broken furniture in the living room. That's two sofas and a dining room table. Since I have the glorious Ikea credit card that was the store of choice. They have this great line of sofas called "Ektorp" but it didn't come in a color I liked. So I decided to change the color scheme of our whole living room. This meant I was able to get the black leather sofas! (The cheap ones. I'm not that well off!)

Ok, so deciding was the easy part. Getting it home is the hard part. So I have some friends from church who volunteered to give me a whole day of manual labor on Thursday: taking out the broken furniture, picking up the new furniture, and constructing the new furniture. But I needed to go buy the furniture the night before and ask them to hold it. It gets better. I didn't think I would be able to get there tomorrow night because of church, so I went tonight PRAYING they would let me leave it there till Thursday.

So I get all checked out and go around to the warenausgabe (it's at the Ikea now. You don't have to drive to Boeblingen!) and start turning on my Euro-American charm. This didn't work so I started the water works. That was much more effective! I was only able to convince her to let me leave it there till tomorrow night. So now I'm going to have to figure out how to drive a big van alone and pick it up tomorrow night after work. But I'm sure this will work out just fine. I can't think of any problems with this plan. Do you see any problems? ;) So you're asking "if I could pick it up tomorrow night why couldn't I buy it tomorrow night..." Ah ha! See that's the other funny thing. They USED to close at 8:00 pm. That's when church is over. NOW they close at 9:00 pm. So yeah... I coulda just bought it all tomorrow. Grrr.

Still, I'm VERY grateful for the lady letting me leave it there, because she totally didn't have to. Oh, and LOVE LOVE LOVE the VAT form!

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corinnea said...

K, now we need pictures of the new living room!!